Heat and Mass Transfer Research Journal


Heat and Mass Transfer Research Journal (HMTRJ)

  About this journal 

Heat and Mass Transfer Research Journal (HMTRJ) is an international, electronic, double-blind peer reviewed and open access journal that publishes analytical, numerical and experimental articles in the broad area of heat and mass transfer. The journal accepts submissions in the form of original research manuscript, review article, short communication, book review, letter to the editor and erratum. The journal releases four issues every year.


 Aims and Scope

Heat and Mass Transfer Research Journal (HMTRJ) generally covers all research topics concerning the fundamentals and applications of heat and mass transfer and related thermodynamics and fluid flow. The scope of the journal includes, but not limited to, conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer, boiling and condensation, phase change, transport in porous media, heat exchanges, heat transfer enhancement,etc.



Articles published in Heat and Mass Transfer Research Journal (HMTRJ) are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License where articles may be copied, distributed and reproduced in any medium only if they are properly cited in the manner specified by the license. Authors retain copyrights for their published articles with primary publication right is granted to HMTRJ.



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HMTRJ calls expert scholars & scientists to propose and to guest edit special issues in their specific areas of expertise that fit the scope of the journal. Please contact us to propose a special issue 


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HMTRJ is seeking highly competent scholars & scientists to serve as editorial board or reviewers.

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